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In GALMA d.o.o. we are dedicated to the metals processing with various metals already for several decades. Our core business is electro plating and as part of it, however, we are dealing with pretreatment of metallic elements before electrochemical processes: cleaning (also cleaning elements made of stainless steel-Inox), polishing, degreasing, denickelificating. At the same time we also offer lacquering after galvanic process.


Start of a family business Galma d.o.o. dates back to 1967, when Katarina and Franc Martinjak set up a craft workshop Galvanizacija Martinjak in which the protective surface coating of metals was performed, especially zinc plating on hanging racks and in barrels as well as nickeling and chroming.


Due to the growing demand for galvanic coatings it was necessary to enlarge the working space and to move this craft workshop to another location. At the same time with the increase in space, the number of employees and the choice of galvanic coatings grew. Due to increased demand, we started to build a new, larger and more modern workshop where the workpieces are no longer carried manually by trays, but with lifts. At the same time, we have built an automatic cleaning plant.


Due to the tightening of environmental legislation, we erected ion exchangers for cleaning the spiral duct and thereby returning water back into the system.


After the legislation change we established the company Galma d.o.o.


Miran Martinjak took the lead of company Galma d.o.o.


We received European environmental permit (IPPC permit) from the Slovenian Environmental Agency. To obtain this authorization it was necessary to perform all the measurements and to prepare all documents showing that the company operates in accordance with European environmental legislation.


At the beginning of 2016, Miran Martinjak lost his life in an accident but leadership remained in the family, in the hands of his daughters. Despite the sudden change the company remains such as it was before and it works on the principle of quality, good responsiveness and excellence, which is the result of many years of experience of good practice.

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