In Galma d.o.o. we have always been aware of the importance of environmental concerns. In 1979, at the extension of workshops at its current size, we have built an automatic cleaning plant. Due to the tightening of environmental legislation were in 1988 erected ion exchangers for cleaning the spiral duct and thereby returning water back into the system.

In 2009, from the Environmental Agency we received European Environmental Permit (IPPC permit). To obtain this authorization it was necessary to perform all the measurements and to prepare all documents showing that the company operates in accordance with European environmental legislation. After this legislation we are ranked among the companies with equipment that cause major pollution (IPPC installations), because the total volume of chemical and electrolytic trays in our company amounts to 61.2 m3 and thus exceed the threshold for classification into IPPC installations, which is 30 m3. We are classified into installations 2.6. – Installations for surface treatment of metals and plastics using an electrolytic or chemical process working trays with a capacity of more than 30 m3.

With the technology of ion exchange we purify waste water and the majority of it is returned back into the process; the leaching procedures. We use selective ion exchangers, which are periodically regenerated. Also a part of the metals removed from the spiral duct, are returned back into the process.

wrcWater, which cannot be returned to the technological process, is before discharging to be detoxified (purified of metals) – also with ion exchangers – in classical cleaning plant, where in a sedimentation tank hydrated metal oxides accumulates, which are dewatered by the filter press and with the filter cake packed in big bags. Compressed galvanic sludge is to be stored at the facility fineness devices to removal.


PH of the wastewater is measured continuously and we ensure that it is within the set limits. The cleaning plant for wastewater is controlled daily by a rapid test.

Despite the fact that the galvanizing is known as an environmentally unfriendly activity is sustainable reduction of environmental burden in all areas of work in our biggest interests.

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